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Academic matters

Academic leaves

Studies at the CNSDM of Lyon are full-time. Assiduousness to all courses in which students are enrolled, in accordance with their individual schedule, is compulsory.

Predictable leaves

Any participation in an external activity (music, external dance or other), or any predictable leave must be subjected to a written authorisation demand to the Director of Studies, at least 15 days before the non-attendance or the beginning of the activity.

Special forms intended for this situation are available at the Student Affairs Office (or at the Reception Desk outside the office’s hours). Students must submit their demand to the Student Affairs Office, which will transmit it to the Director of Studies.

Unexpected leaves

Students must call or leave a message at the Student Affairs Office (or at the Reception Desk outside the office’s hours), specifying the motive and the duration of their absence, as well as the name of the concerned teachers.

This process is not, by itself, a justification of absence. Students must provide the Student Affairs Office with any document allowing the staff to assess the student’s situation in the next 48 hours.

Any unjustified absence is irregular and liable to disciplinary sanctions (warnings that can lead later to the student’s expulsion after their summons before the Disciplinary Committee).

Students can go to the Student Affairs Office if they are met with difficulties. In the case they are meant to take part in band activities (orchestra, work group XX-21), their absence must be notified to the stage management staff.