Academic matters


Academic Calendar

Calendar and term dates

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Continuous Assessment One of the crucial aspects of the Bologna Process is the importance given to continuous assessment in the assessment process as a whole, for both main and complementary subjects. Teachers have been registering assessments online since the year 2010/2011. Students can check their assessments here. Grades range from 0 to 20. 20/20 is [...]

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Student representation and union

Student representation Music and dance student representatives have to sit on the Administration Board, the Education Board, the Degree Committee (who tackles all issues linked to the schooling life), the CNSMD’s facility allocation committee and the Discipline Committee. To see who your representatives are, please visit the French page here. The Administration Board The CNSMD [...]

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Academic leaves

Studies at the CNSDM of Lyon are full-time. Assiduousness to all courses in which students are enrolled, in accordance with their individual schedule, is compulsory.

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Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is split into two sub-departments, music and dance, in order to provide students with the best follow-up we can.

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