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Academic matters

Student representation and union

Student representation

Music and dance student representatives have to sit on the Administration Board, the Education Board, the Degree Committee (who tackles all issues linked to the schooling life), the CNSMD’s facility allocation committee and the Discipline Committee.

To see who your representatives are, please visit the French page here.

The Administration Board

The CNSMD is managed by an administration board made of ex-efficio members, designated members and members elected for three years, including student representatives.

The board meets twice or three times a year and deliberates on issues regarding the budget, school regulations and teaching methods.

The Education Board

Two thirds of the board are made of elected representatives of the teaching staff. The other third is made of elected student representatives (3 representatives for music students and 2 for dance students).

The board meets several times a year. It solves all questions regarding the teaching environment and gives recommandations on school rules before they are debated in the administration board.

The NAEC (student union)

Driving force of the student life in the CNSMD, the NAEC is managed by a dozen of students from all disciplines and all years who are willing to participate in the friendly and dynamic spirit of the school.

Throughout the year, the NAEC organises numerous events such as: the welcoming of new French and exchange students, various workshops (soudpainting, stress management, etc.), sports activities, student concerts with free access, partnerships that lead to preferential prices for several cultural institutions in Lyon (Auditorium/Orchestre National de Lyon, Théâtre des Célestins, Théâtre de la Croix Rousse, etc.), print or WIFI stations open to members, student parties, etc.

To see who the members are, please consult the French website here.

You can contact the NAEC here: