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Academic matters

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office is split into two sub-departments, music and dance, in order to provide students with the best follow-up we can.


The purpose of the Student Affairs Department is to ensure the follow-up of both dance and music students, from their admission to their graduation. The department is therefore charged with organising all the exams and auditions intended by the academic regulations: entrance auditions, end of study public performance exams, coursework, intermediate and terminal validation in the major as well as in the subsidiary courses of the program students are enrolled in.

To this end, the department recruits the various external and internal juries and ensures the financial follow-up of these recruitments.


In close relations with the Directors of Music and Dance Studies, the department ensures the organisation and the follow-up of the Degree and the Educational Committees.

The Student Affairs department takes part in the student life: follow-up of assiduousness and leaves, non-attendance authorisations, follow-up of scholarship students, etc.

The department is also in charge of students’ annual administrative registration that allows them to get their student cards.

Music Student Affairs

Validation of prior learning (V.A.A.)

All admitted students are automatically enrolled in the first semester of the first year (bachelor).

However, the Head of Music Studies can, after an interview with students and in agreement with the teaching board, recognize the previous training students have gained in another institution (French or foreign). In that case, the Head of Music Studies validate ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System), and the bachelor is reduced to two years instead of three.

The validation of prior learning (V.A.A. in French) is a very important element during the first years. It allows the CNSMD to admit more mature students, as well as students with more advanced skills, and to provide them with a more flexible and personalised teaching approach.

You can also see more information about the V.A.A. process and how to register for the various courses here.

Reductions of studies

First year students can ask for their undergraduate studies to be shortened. These students are mainly students enrolled in a dual-degree program or students who have already completed a previous program in another institution. Reductions of studies are registered at the Degree Committee taking place in March.

Dance Student Affairs

Dance students are often very young and have to prepare for the national exam sanctioning the end of high school (baccalauréat). Adjustments are offered to them, such as the CNED (Distance Learning Centre) and tutorship.

For more information, check the French website here.