Outgoing CNSMD students

Non-Erasmus+ mobility

Students from the Lyon CNSMD wishing to undertake a study period abroad in an institution which has not signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 will find some information on how to apply for such a mobility and organise it.

If you are looking for the partner institutions of the Lyon CNSMD, please click here.

Exchange programme with the University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

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Here are some useful step-by-step information about application procedures for students wishing to spend one academic semester or a full academic year at the Faculty of Music – University of Montreal.

1. Between October and January, contact the International office staff. Prepare your application on the EASY platform. The International Office then selects the applications depending on the discipline and the number of applications that have been completed ;

2. The International Office sends an email with list of selected candidates for mobility to the University of Montreal ;

3. The University of Montreal then sends a link for students to register online in order to confirm their application ;

The summary of the online registration can be printed out once the registration is completed. The learning agreement as well as the list of courses available are accessible online as well as the Guide for incoming students in Student Exchange Program (EN).

We advise students to carefully read the virtual guides, which provide relevant pieces of information about student mobility at the University of Montreal:

4. The International Office sends a copy of the original paper form filled in by the student per post ;

Deadline for applications : April, 1st (for candidates applying for a full year mobility or only for a mobility during the fall season).

5. Health Insurance in Montreal, please go to the CLEISS website ;

6. Passeport : please check that your passport is valid from January onwards. If not, do not forget to renew it.

Other international exchange programmes


  • Thornton School of Music (USC – University of Southern California) – United States of America
  • Several institutions in Colombia (Bogota, Cali et Medellin) through an agreement with the Ministry of Culture in Columbia.

Application procedure:

1. Introduce your mobility project for a study abroad period in Los Angeles or in Columbia to the International Office between October and January.Prepare your application on the EASY platform. The International Office then selects the applications depending on the discipline and the number of applications that have been completed.
2. The International Office informs the students of the results of the application.

Upcoming cooperation agreements

  • ACA Universidade de Sao Paulo – Brasil
  • School of Music of the University of Science and Technology in Suzhou – China

« Free Mover » programme

Under specific circumstances, the Lyon CNSMD can allow a student to study in a foreign institution, which has not signed a bilateral agreement with the CNSMDL. Such a decision can only be taken if the whole teaching staff has agreed on the particular interest of the host institution the student has chosen, regarding the student’s educational and artistic project. In case of acceptance, the student will be asked to register at the Lyon CNSMD during his study abroad period. The student will study under the « free mover » status for a certain period of time, which cannot exceed 1 semester.

Should students be interested in participating in the « free mover » programme, please contact the International Relations Office of the Lyon CNSMD.