Current international activities

In 2019/2020

Violanet in Salzburg



The CNSMD Lyon has been approached to join a group of institutions of Higher Education in Music willing to focus on viola da gamba education in Europe.

The VIOLANET project – European Viola da Gamba Network supported by the Erasmus+ programme for innovative strategic partnerships – aims to develop a European network between universities and institutes of higher musical education to create courses of study for the Viola da Gamba, strengthening the skills of the music students, promoting teaching methodologies and innovative tools for teachers, enhancing cooperation between European university institutes and disseminating music for viola da gamba through concerts, recordings, open classes and conferences.

Coordinated by Music School of Fiesole (Italy), it gathers :

The Violanet session hosted by the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg from November 22nd to 25th, 2019, was thus the 1st opportunity for the Lyon team to meet the Violanet community.

This moment has been great of course for all the opportunities given to meet viola da gamba young and older players, learn about repertoires, various technics of playing, history, playing together with colleagues from other schools, learning from other’s teachers…but also for being welcome in such a musical and beautiful city as Salzburg by the great team of the Mozarteum.

Working in prestigious buildings as Schloß Frohnburg, feeling a bit like Julie Andrews in the sound of Music or as the brand new main building of the Universität in the core of the city where facilities are so suitable and inspiring,  living in a cloister where the Mozart family has been buried, enjoying the Christmas market round the corner,… created the best environment for this very special experience.

Accommodation venueSchloss

3 students (Noé Becaus, Pauline Chiama, Lukas Schneider) and the teacher (Marianne Muller) from the viola da gamba class together with the Head of the International office (Isabelle Replumaz) were part of this adventure taking advantage of this teeming event.

- Rehearsals for the European Youth Viol Consort (EYVC), prepared by Sara Ruiz Martinez (Conservatorio Superior di Musica de Vigo) and led by Vittorio Ghielmi (teacher at the Mozarteum Salzburg in charge of the coordination of this activity)

- Masterclasses (given or followed)

- Meetings for the development of the project

Violanet meeting

- Conferences:

  • Johannes Boer (Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag) on “The Opera by Johan Schenck: traces of instrumental parts in his Scherzi Musicali ”;
  • Bettina Hoffmann (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole) on “Strings, frets & temperaments: compatibility problems”;
  • Lucy Robinson (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff) on “Mr F.C., an passionate admirer of the Bass Viola da gamba: François Couperin and his writings for the viola”;
  • Vittorio Ghielmi on «”Tic-tac avec l’archet en l’air: the flying technique as the basis of string technique for the early Viola”;
  • Christoph Urbanetz (Mozarteum Universität Salzburg) on “La tecnica di Marin Marais: new sources and new insights on the French school of Viola da gamba”;
  • Imke David (Hochschule Franz Liszt, Weimar), on “La lira da gamba italiana…dal 1505: a theoretical and practical presentation”
  • Cristiano Contadin (Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello of Venice), on “Cantar alla viola: a theoretical and practical presentation of accompaniment practice on the Viola da gamba”


- Concerts

  • One, led by Vittorio Ghielmi given by teachers of the Mozarteum Salzburg + Luca Pianca (winner of the Swiss Music Prize 2018)
  • Final one with the European Youth Viol Consort concert, sharing what has been prepared during the former days.

Concert of the Mozarteum team

- Visit of the iconic venues in Salzburg

- Round table discussion sharing impressions, proposals and comments

In 2015/2016

Project week dedicated to Couperin

1>7 November 2015, Kunstuniversität Graz (KUG), Graz, Austria

Projet Couperin nov 2015

Following the project week organized at the CNSMD de Lyon in November 2013 for the tercentenary of Archangelo Corelli, the CNSMD de Lyon, together with the Musikhochschule Leipzig (Germany) and the Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria) coordinated another project week at Kunstuniversität Graz this time dedicated to François Couperin.

Early music students and teachers from the 3 institutions gathered to work on the following repertoire: Les Nations, L’Apothéose, Les Concerts (Nouveaux Concerts), 27 Ordres for harpsichord, pieces for the viol, and a few vocal pieces which well illustrate Couperin’s church music. This project involved three teachers: Odile Edouard, Marianne Muller, Yves Rechsteiner and six students from the CNSMD de Lyon: Alice Duport-Percier, Kaori Yugami, Angelina Holzhofer, Agnès Boissonot-Guilbault, Louise Bouedo, Clément Stagnol.

This project was funded with support from the OFAJ, DAAD and from the Erasmus+ programme.

More information on Facebook page of this event.

AEC Annual Congress 2015

12 > 15 November 2015, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, United-Kingdom

The Lyon CNSMD took part in the AEC annual Congress 2015, which was jointly organised by the AEC office and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

There, the Lyon CNSMD met the partner institutions of the ICSS Erasmus+ strategic partnership and presented the development of the project to a wide audience composed of more than 300 representatives of conservatoires around the world.

Click here to access the AEC webpage dedicated to this event.

International Relations Coordinators Meeting (IRC) of the AEC 2015

24 > 27 September 2015, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

The CNSMD participated in this meeting, which gathered administrative and teaching staff of Higher Music Education institutions involved in international relations and working on European programmes or wishing to implement such projects. 

In 2014/2015

Assessment at the end of the first year of the CoPeCo joint master’s degree (Contemporary Performance & Composition)

26 > 27 May 2015, KMH Stockholm (Sweden)

CoPeCo Stockholm

Michele Tadini (in charge of the teaching) and Isabelle Replumaz (project coordinator) of the joint master’s degree CoPeCo at the Lyon CNSMD met their colleagues from EMTA (Tallinn, Estonia), KMH (Stockholm, Sweden) and HFMT (Hamburg, Germany) to assess the first year of the programme.


  • meeting with the group of students ;
  • presentation of the next and 3rd semester of the programme in Lyon (France) ;
  • concert organised by the students entitled « The City Composing» ;
  • round-table conference: feedback from students and teachers of the 2 first semesters ;
  • CoPeCo Board meeting (teachers and coordinators of the 4 Higher Music Education institutions, one student representative, one AEC representative, one representative from the profession). It was a first very positive assessment!

The CoPeCo group of 8 students is composed of:

  •    Hara Alonso, composer, pianist – Spain
  •    Elad Bardes, composer, guitarist – Israel
  •    Sylvain Devaux, oboist – France
  •    David Fox, percussionnist – USA
  •    Carla Genchi, mezzo soprano, composer – Italy
  •    Émilie Girard-Charest, cellist, composer – Quebec, Canada
  •    Pedro Gonzales Fernandez, violonist – Spain
  •    Mersid Ramičević, composer – Serbia

3rd Transnational Meeting of the ICSS strategic partnership (International Creative Soundtrack Studies)

11 > 12 May 2015, Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini, Bologna (Italy)

Groupe ICSS -Bologne mai 2015

The whole ICSS (International Creative Soundtrack Studies) project team gathered in Bologna, where the 3rd transnational meeting of this Erasmus+ strategic partnership was held. All the partners involved in the project worked together during two days : Lyon CNSMD (France), Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini (Bologna, Italy), HoGent School of Arts (Ghent, Belgium), Faculty of Music – University of Montreal (Canada), Alcimé – International Film Festival Aubagne (France), Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna (Italy), Film Fest Gent (Ghent, Belgium), Permission Inc. (Montreal, Canada).

For more information about the ICSS Erasmus+ strategic partnership, please click here.

Aubagne International Film Festival

19 > 22 March 2015, Aubagne (France)

1-portraits interv aubagne[1]

The coordinating team of the ICSS (International Creative Soundtrack Studies) Erasmus+ strategic partnership together with students from the music composition for visual media department of the Lyon CNSMD attended the 2015 edition of the Aubagne International Film Festival, which is one of the professional partner organisations of the ICSS strategic partnership.

This was the opportunity to communicate on the ICSS Erasmus+ strategic partnership and to meet many people from the profession (composers, directors, producers and journalists, representatives of European Higher Music Education institutions, etc.).

Some of these professionals were interviewed in order to gather feedback from the professional sector for the survey the partners have launched on the links between Higher Education and the profession as well as between musicians and the visual media artists. This survey will be the basis of the partners’ work on the development of a joint master’s degree in music composition for visual media called « InMICS » (International Master in Composition for Screen).

For more information about the ICSS Erasmus+ strategic partnership, please click here.

The people interviewed are:

  • Benoît Basirico, journalist (created
  • Olivier Berlemont, film producer (Origine Films & Les Films au Long Cours)
  • Jean-Michel Bernard, composer
  • Sébastien Carayol, documentary films director, journalist, exhibition curator of  « Say Watt ?», Gaieté Lyrique, Paris (2013)
  • Corinne Destombes, film producer (Folimage)
  • Yati Durant, composer and programme director of the MSc in Composition for Screen department (Edinburgh College of Arts)
  • Ron Dyens, film producer (Sacrebleu)
  • Christophe Héral, composer
  • Thierry Jousse, journalist, radio programme producer (Cinéma Song, France Musique) and film director
  • Antoine Le Carpentier, film producer (Mon Voisin Productions)
  • Miles Mosley, composer (USA)
  • Charles Papasoff, composer & actor (Canada)
  • Philippe Schoeller, composer

A common international approach for the CHEL[S] – Visit to the State of Hesse

29 > 30 January 2015 – State of Hesse (Germany)


A delegation composed of presidents/directors and international relations coordinators of the institutions part of the CHEL[S] went to Frankfurt (Germany) to meet their German colleagues and present the activities and objectives of the CHEL[S].

Thanks to the pooling of partnerships of Higher Education institutions in the State of Hesse, the CHEL[S] delegation visited many sites : the Frankfurt Hochschule, the Goëthe Universität, the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, the Justus Liebig Universität Giessen, the Technische Universität Darmstadt, the Hochschule Darmstadt.

Mrs. Sophie Laszlo, French Consul General, honoured the delegation with her presence and underlined the original aspect of this approach as well as its relevance. Mr. Pierre Monnet, former President of the Université Franco-Allemande, and current Head of the French Institute for History in Germany, showed a great interest in the CHEL[S] and took part in some visits during the stay of the Lyon delegation in the State of Hesse. Mr. Claudio Kasperl, Head of the International Relations at the State of Hesse Ministry, also met the CHEL[S] delegation.

German partners, sometimes intrigued the common approach of the CHEL[S], showed a great interest and echoed by their own initiatives.

This stay was very enriching and ended with the proposal of a common reflection on some cross-cutting issues. Many themes were discussed and as well as the organisation of an interdisciplinary conference. Besides, this stay will most probably launch new multilateral partnerships.

2nd Transnational Meeting of the ICSS strategic partnership (International Creative Soundtrack Studies)

16 > 19 December 2014 - CNSMD de Lyon

musique à l'image

The Lyon CNSMD hosted the partners of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership « International Creative Soundtrack Studies » (ICSS). The following Higher Education institutions and professional organisations were present : Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini (Bologna, Italy), HoGent School of Arts (Ghent, Belgium), Faculty of Music – University of Montreal (Canada), Film Fest Gent (Ghent, Belgium), Permission Inc. (Montreal, Canada), and Institut Lumière (Lyon, France).

For more information about the ICSS Erasmus+ strategic partnership, please click here.

AEC Annual Congress 2014

3 > 15 Novembre 2014 - Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest (Hungary)

The CNSMD took part in the AEC annual Congress 2014, which was organised in Budapest.

Click here to access the AEC webpage dedicated to this event.

International Relations Coordinators Meeting (IRC) of the AEC 2014

 26 > 28 September 2014 – Royal  Academy of Music, Aalborg (Denmark)

The CNSMD participated in this meeting organised by the AEC in Aalborg and gathering administrative and teaching staff of Higher Music Education institutions involved in international relations and leading European programmes or wishing to implement such programmes. 

Click here to access the AEC webpage dedicated to this event.

In 2013/2014

Invenzione, festival Berio

2 > 20 December 2013

Luciano Berio © Universal Editions, E. Marinitsch

In partnership with the Suona Italiano Feastival and the Tempo Reale studio of Florence, the CNSMD organised with the Conservatories of Bologna and Trento a festival around Luciano Berio, a famous composer renowned for his experimental work, particularly in the field of electroacoustic music, for the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death.

  • Monday 2nd December: conference of Francesco Giomi, head of Tempo Reale, a studio founded by Berio, and teacher at the Bologna Conservatory, and Michele Tadini, teacher at the CNSMD and ex joint-manager of Tempo Reale, on Berio and his use of electronics followed by Tempo Reale’s broadcasting of three pieces by Berio and the XX-21 workshop’s performing of the work Differences, directed by Fabrice Pierre
  • Tuesday 3rd December: the Artist Diploma student Julia Robert, alto, performed with the XX-21 workshop the work Path II
  • Friday 6th December: Laborintus night
  • Tuesday 10th December: the class of choral conducting performed Cries of London and Magnificat, as well as The Cries of Paris by Clément Janequin
  • Wednesday 18th December and Friday 20th December: the double bass class, at the instigation of Cédric Carlier, paid tribute to Stefano Scodanibbio and performed a creation for 8 double basses by Michele dall’Ongarno and Michele Tadini, commissioned by Musica per Roma

Corelli Week

18 > 22 November 2013

2013 was the tercentennial anniversary of Arcangelo Corelli’s death. Violinist and composer, he had a decisive influence on the music of the 17th century.

For this occasion, the CNSMD of Lyon, the Musikhochschule of Leipzig and the University of Graz gave their teaching staffs and students the opportunity to work together on Corelli’s sonatas for trio during a Corelli Week, organised with the support of the Office franco-allemand pour la jeunesse.

Sessions devoted to various subjects such as violin technique in Corelli’s work, cello’s or basso continuo’s techniques, shared between theory and practice, were held every day.

Each institution presented its own department of early music and final round-table meeting, in which students participated, was held to see the positive aspects of each school.

This week ended with a concert organised by students and teachers on Friday 22nd in the Chapelle de la Trinité.

AEC Annual Congress 2013

7 > 9 November 2013 - Conservatorio di Musica « Vincenzo Bellini », Palermo (Italy)

In 2013 the AEC Congress took place in Palermo, Italy, and was hosted by the Conservatorio di Musica « Vincenzo Bellini ».

Click here to see more about this meeting on the AEC website.

International Relations Coordinators Meeting (IRC) of the AEC 2013

13 > 15 September 2013 -  Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp (Belgium)

The meeting, organised by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), was meant for administrative or teaching staff members in European conservatoires who deal with international relations and European programmes (such as ERASMUS), as well as for institutions not familiar with these programmes, but with an interest in becoming involved.

The meeting was important for networking, exchanging useful information and for developing partnerships. With this annual meeting, the AEC brought together a growing community of International Relations Coordinators.

The meeting will was held at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp (Belgium) in September 2013.

Click here to see more about this meeting on the AEC website.

In 2012/2013

Carlo Colombo and his class participated in the International Bassoon Festival of Beijing

Carlo Colombo and his students Sophie Dartigalongue, Romain Rougé, Lorenzo Contaldo and Loïc Bernadet were invited to the International Bassoon festival held in July 2012 in Beijing. Their trip was successful thanks to the Central Conservatory of Music of Beijing who hosted the event, and to the Bassoon maker Püchner. The class performed in the Central Conservatory and in the Forbidden City. Click here to read an interview of Carlo Colombo about the event (in French).

The CoPeCo pilot week

The CNSMD organised and hosted the pilot week of the CoPeCo Master’s. Interested students and teachers from the 4 instutions met to discuss the project.

Masterclasses of Luca Francesconi & Garth Knox

The Italien composer Luca Francesconi and Garth Knox, one his favourite performers presented their work Animus II, for alto solo and electronic. The two musicians met the students of composition and alto classes.

International symposium

The CNSMD held its second International symposium on the topic Dance and musique: the art of the encounter. Click here to know more.

Artistic Research European Platform of the AEC

The CNSMD hosted the Platform of the AEC gathering research specialists of the institutions inside the AEC network.