In motion

Please visit our Youtube Channel! « Mouvement(s) » Movements(s) Co-operation between the CNSMD de Lyon, the ENSAL and the ENS of Lyon during the festival « Le Juste Jardin » (The Fair Garden), during « Rendez-vous aux Jardins ». « De eau en bas » Projet of the CNSMD with the ENSAL (architecture).   « Sortez du cadre » Get out of the frame Projet [...]

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Department of Dance teacher-training

The Lyon CNSMD dance teacher-training course is designed for dance professionals: dancers, teachers and choreographers, wishing to widen their experience by exploring the art of dance-teaching in order to find practical solutions that are suited to teaching in institutional contexts.

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Guest Teachers

In order to guarantee a quality formation, many personalities of the dance, emanating from diverse horizons; artists-teachers and choreographers are invited on a regular basis to complete and enrich the training program.

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Creations and repertoire

Repertoire and creations of the jeune ballet of the Lyon CNSMD since 1986

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The jeune Ballet

Final year students of both the classical and contemporary sections, who are in a period of transition between their studies and their professional lives, are placed in a professional situation by virtue of their participation in the life of the jeune ballet (youth ballet).

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Mozart à 2, Thierry Malandain


Director of Choreographic Studies: Kylie Walters Assistant, head of administrative services: Anne-Marie Lormeau Pedagogical assistant: Edouard Garcin Administrative assistant: Catherine Renouf Schooling: Agnès Badet Administration: Laurence Aimo Main subjects Ballet master: Gaëlle Communal van Sleen Classical dance: Pierre Darde, Stéphane Elizabé, Marie-Françoise Géry, Philippe Lormeau Contemporary dance: Juliette Beauviche, Fabienne Donnio, Anne Martin, Virginia Heinen [...]

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Presentation of the department

HISTORY The creation of the Dance Department of the Lyon CNSMD was largely due to the initiative of Igor Eisner, whose analysis and determination to bring the project to fruition were determining factors, and to the preparatory study by Léone Mail. It was Igor Eisner who first understood the necessity of giving high level dance [...]

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The objective of the dance courses at the Lyon CNSMD

The full-time four-year dance courses at the Lyon CNSMD consist of one preparatory year followed by a three-year main course. Their objective is to train high level professional performers who are capable of making an authentic and significant contribution to their art, of breathing life into the repertoire and of stimulating creation.

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Additional details

One-year professional residency in string quartet

Get a one-year professional residency in string quartet, classical, contemporary, pop, jazz & world music !

The National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon offers a professional training residency in string quartet allowing to deepen its practice and to perform for a year, in collaboration with the Opéra de Lyon and cellist Vincent Ségal for the 2021-2022 season.



Training Course | strengthen, open and enrich your repertoire
  • Chamber music lessons supervised by the team of teachers from the CNSMD Lyon
  • Artistic accompaniment in current music by cellist Vincent Ségal (world repertoires, polyrhythms, improvisation, arrangement)
  • Cultural mediation, participation in Master Classes
  • Additional courses may be chosen among the CNSMD Lyon offer (subject to availability)
Stage | give your future a boost

The selected quartet will be associated with several concerts produced by the CNSMD de Lyon and the Opéra de Lyon, as a quartet or with Opera Underground guest artists of the season.
Along with various professional partnerships (Belle Saison, Pro Quartet, etc.)

Application | timetable and conditions

• October 14th, 2021

Deadline for submitting applications : send your quartet CV and the copy of the highest diploma of each member of the Quartet on

• October 22nd, 2021

Hearing in Lyon after selection on file
15 minutes free program
it may include a contemporary piece

• November,  2021

Start of residency in Lyon, France


Admission fees (for information purposes only)

general fee to be paid by the Quatuor : 178 €
individual schooling fees to be paid by each Quatuor’s member : 529 € + 91 €

Certain concerts may be subject to pay. This training is qualifying but not leading to qualification. It could be if the quartet or one of its members wishes to enroll in a longer course within the CNSMD (after a competitive entrance examination).

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