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Practical matters

Restaurant facilities

The CNSMD has its own restaurant on its premises.

The restaurant

It is open to everyone from Monday to Friday during lunch-time (from 12 noon to 2 pm). The opening hours may change drung holidays.
The restaurant is closed during summer holidays.


CNSMD students pay a special student rate, which was €3.35 in 2011/2012.

Students are issued with a restaurant card on arrival, which remains valid for all their student life.

They are given a restaurant access voucher when they register. The access voucher has to be exchanged for a restaurant card the first time students use the restaurant.

The restaurant has been operated since 2010 by the catering firm ASCANIS, which offers varied and balanced menus in the dining hall every day the restaurant is open.

Further information

ASCANIS (in French)