2013-2014 Auditions: October


There are no age limits.
Candidates cannot apply more than three times.
Pre-registration is only possible on the website of the Lyon CNSMD.
Admission to this programme is by audition. Candidates must satisfy the requirements for university registration this level and hold one of the following qualifications:
- a master’s degree obtained in France or abroad;
- other master’s level qualification obtained in France or abroad;
- a DFS from the Paris CNSMD or a DNESM from the Lyon CNSMD (validation of previous learning)

Audition candidates who are not citizens of French-speaking countries must submit a certificate of French language competence with their application. The certificate, which must have been issued by an institution officially recognised by the French government, should indicate a level of at least C1 on the Common European Framework reference scale defined by the Council of Europe.


The preliminary selection is based on the evaluation by representatives of the university and the conservatory of the candidate’s written application, which consists of:

  • a copy of the required qualification;
  • a curriculum vitæ;
  • a precise statement of the candidate’s previous experience of performance, composition and activities related to writing or those related to musical culture (publications, articles, presentations, re-editing of works, arrangements, orchestration, evidence of theoretical or applied research);
  • a research project in French on the subject the candidate wishes to work on (between  4,500 and 7,500 characters, i.e. 750 to 1,000 words).


By performance audition and interview in French.

- The public recital lasts about one hour and consists of a programme connected with the candidate’s research project. The duration of each work piece must be specified in the candidate’s application. The examining panel will listen to all or part of the programme for at least thirty minutes and reserves the right to interrupt the candidate at any time.

- The interview is conducted in French and lasts about fifteen minutes.

- Candidates whose studies do not concern performance must make an oral presentation of their previous experience, the work they are currently engaged on and the project for their thesis. The presentation should last about thirty minutes.


Official registration on the programme takes place according to the conditions defined by the Lyon-Saint-Etienne Doctoral School.


Pre-registration on the website date to be announced