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Before the mobility

Here are the instructions for Lyon CNSMD students wishing to take part in an Erasmus+ exchange.

Students wishing to undertake a study period abroad should contact Andrada-Erika Badiu at the International Relations Office during the first semester of the academic year preceding the mobility.

>> Find a step-by-step guide and calendar of the application to the mobility abroad at the bottom of this page.

In order to prepare their applications, students should consult the websites of the institutions they are interested in and should contact the teachers there either directly or via their main subject teacher at the Lyon CNSMD.

Nota bene: the Erasmus+ coordinator is the only person able to confirm the eligibility of an application to a partner school.

Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers and the International Relations Office staff for advice to help you to build your project!


The submission of applications goes through an online platform: EASY

If the student is applying to more than one institution, separate complete applications must be submitted.

The International Office team offers collective workshops to help students to complete their application online.

In any case, applications will be confirmed by the International Office after checking their eligibility with the Study Department and the teachers.

Nota Bene : For some institutions, students must register on the website of the host institution or fill in an application form provided by the international office of the host institution.

  • Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Wien
  • Conservatorio di Milano
  • University of Arts Bern
  • Royal Conservatory of Scotland Glasgow
  • Rotterdam Codarts
  • Norwegian Academy of Music

The deadline for submitting applications is determined by the partner institution, but usually takes place between February and mid-March. All deadlines are clearly mentioned on the EASY platform.

WARNING:  for the Musik-Akademie in Basel, the deadline is January 31st.

NB: the applicant is highly advised to keep a copy of all the elements of the application file.


1. Create a personal profile on the EASY platform
2. Apply to each partner school where you intend to go to (in general 3), which includes a study plan proposal, bases of the construction of the future « learning agreement » (study contract)
3. Upload the supporting documents (usually indicated on EASY by host institutions)

Supporting documents for all candidates (no matter the main discipline):

  • A CV and cover letter written in a language, which the institution and/or teacher will read and understand (or at least in English except for French-speaking countries).
  • A letter of recommendation from the main discipline teacher can be an asset.

Supporting documents for candidates according to their main discipline:

- For performers: a certified recording of about 20 minutes which demonstrates the musical qualities of the student. Please note that a specific programme is sometimes requested by the teacher at the partner institution.

- For composers: the score of one of their compositions, preferably accompanied by a recording of a performance.

- For dancers: a video recording of a personal composition or an excerpt from the repertoire lasting about three minutes.

- For students of theoretical subjects and musical culture: a detailed presentation of their research project


As every partner institution has its own Erasmus+ exchange policy, the dates when replies are received vary enormously.
It should be noted that students will sometimes make their definitive choice of destination before receiving all the replies to their applications elsewhere.

Warning: The fact that a teacher tells a student that his or her application is acceptable does not necessarily mean that the application will be by accepted by the partner institution.
Only the Erasmus+ coordinators of both institutions can confirm the acceptance of the study period abroad.


Students whose applications have been accepted by both the sending and the host institution receive a learning agreement signed by the receiving institution. The partner institution reserves the right to restrict the access to certain classes if space is limited.

Students who have been accepted for an exchange in a partner institution will be required to prepare an Erasmus+ folder, which should contain:

  • the learning agreement
  • the Erasmus+ general conditions
  • the Erasmus+ student Charter
  • the mobility contract for study periods abroad and traineeships
  • the Erasmus+ certificate of arrival
  • the Erasmus+ certificate of stay

Students must register at the Lyon CNSMD before leaving for their exchange. Don’t forget to come and register at the Lyon CNSMD in September before you leave. Should you leave before the opening of the registrations, it can be possible to do it remotely depending on your academic cycle.


Students’ study periods abroad are recognised by the Lyon CNSMD and count towards their diploma thanks to the European ‘ECTS’ credit transfer system and the learning agreement signed by the student with both institutions concerned by the exchange.

During the study period abroad, students take courses that correspond to their main discipline and subsidiary courses that correspond to the ones the student should have taken in the home institution in order to obtain the ECTS credits that will validate the study period abroad. This list of courses can also be expanded according to the wish of the student.

It is advised to take ensemble courses. Theoretical courses can also be a good opportunity to improve your language skills!

To ensure that the study period abroad is correctly validated and that the studies are duly recognised as being equivalent to a similar period of study at the Lyon CNSMD, students should obtain the following documents from the host institution:

  • an attendance certificate
  • a transcript of records validating the learning agreement

Warning: The student must submit an the Erasmus+ participant report upon reception of a notification. The report must be completed within 30 days after the end of the mobility period. The student must also take the final OLS language test.

Students who have received a mobility grant from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region should send the original version of their certificate of stay to the Region office as well as their mobility report. Note that the last part of the grant will not be paid until you submit these documents.

Warning: students who do not fill in and submit their final report might be required to repay (partly or entirely) the amount of money they have been granted on request of their home institution.

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