Outgoing CNSMD students


Over the last ten years the Lyon CNSMD has built up a network of confidence and excellence with nearly seventy partner institutions. It has done so because its strategy of opening its doors, sharing and innovating. Student mobility symbolises this desire to open up the conservatory to the rest of the world and it is at the very centre of the activities of the International Relations Office.

The conservatory offers its students the possibility of including in their course a study or internship period in another country so that they can widen their horizons and their artistic experience through exposure to different cultures, different teaching approaches and different repertoires.

Most of the European mobility takes place within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. In addition to the Erasmus+ partnerships, non-Erasmus+ bilateral agreements have also been signed with institutions outside Europe.

Please click here to access the list of European and non-European partner institutions of the Lyon CNSMD.

Worth knowing!

Under specific circumstances, the Lyon CNSMD can allow a student to study in a foreign institution, which has not signed a bilateral agreement with the CNSMDL. Such a decision can only be taken if the whole teaching staff has agreed on the particular interest of the host institution the student has chosen, regarding the student’s educational and artistic project. In that case, the student will be asked to register with the Lyon CNSMD during his study abroad period. The student will study under the « free mover » status for a certain period of time, which cannot exceed 1 semester.

Should students be interested in participating in the « free mover » programme, please contact the CNSMDL international office staff.