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International Exchanges

Erasmus+ & Bilateral Agreement exchange students

Here you will find all the steps to take if you wish to come and study at the CNSMD de Lyon for an Erasmus+ exchange.


An Erasmus+ exchange can last between 3 and 12 months without interruption. Please note that one student can undertake several study period abroad with the Erasmus+ programme under the condition that the total amount of time spent abroad does not exceed 12 months per academic cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD)

In order to facilitate the integration of students, but also for them to best benefit from the courses delivered at the host university, we advise students to apply for at least one semester and preferably starting at the beginning of the academic year.


The CNSMD de Lyon accepts :

  • non-Erasmus+ applications within the frame of an institutional bilateral agreement or under « free mover » status – in that case, applicants must first and foremost contact the international office of the CNSMD de Lyon: [email protected]

Applications shall be sent via the European Online Application System EASY between 16/01/2023 and 28/03/2023.

On the EASY platform, applicants are required to create a personal account, fill in all the items (study plan included) and upload the following documents:

  • cover letter and a CV (in French or  English)
  • For performers: a certified audio recording of about 20 minutes which demonstrates the musical qualities of the applicant. Singers are advisable to prepare an audio/video recording.
  • For composers: the score of one of their compositions, preferably accompanied by a recording of a performance.
  • For dancers: a video recording of a personal composition or an excerpt from the repertoire lasting about 3 minutes.
  • For students of theoretical subjects and musical culture: a detailed presentation of their research project.
  • In all cases, a letter of recommendation from a main subject teacher can be an asset.

The CNSMD de Lyon promotes an open-door policy, which means that Erasmus+ and non-Erasmus+ students can apply to any discipline offered by the institution, in each cycle and department. All disciplines are accessible on EASY platform.


Applications must be sent to the CNSMD de Lyon before the 28th of March of the academic year preceding the exchange. Applications will only be considered if they are sent by the international coordinator of the student’s home institution, not by the student himself. Once it is decided which student will have the opportunity to come for an Erasmus+ exchange at the CNSMD de Lyon, an email will be sent to each applicant.


The CNSMD de Lyon uses the European ‘ECTS’ credit transfer system which allows the full recognition of student’s study abroad period within the frame of a Higher Education diploma. This system contributes to the mobility of students and gives them the opportunity to enrich their curriculum.

In accordance to the Bologna Charter, 30 ECTS credits are attached to the workload of a full time semester at the CNSMD de Lyon for each Erasmus+ student.

This project is funded with support from the European Commission.

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