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The Lyon CNSMD in a few figures...


There are 600 CNSMD students enrolled in all the different courses: music students, dancers, trainee dance teachers following the Formation Diplômante de Certificat d’Aptitude à la Danse (FDCAD) course and trainee music teachers following the Formation Diplômante de Certificat d’Aptitude à la Musique (FDCAM) course.

Among them are:
426 music students,
87 dance students,
20 students following the music teacher-training course,
21 students following the dance teacher-training course.


The number of applications for admission received was 1016 all told.
Of these, 186 candidates were admitted.


There are 44 main subjects taught, to which admission is by audition, 70 subsidiary subjects, and a « Laboratoire Scène/recherchE ».

The teaching staff, made up of 188 people, is divided into three categories: teachers, assistants and accompanists.

62 master-class and seminaries have taken place in the institution.


31 students participated in student exchanges, either by going abroad at a partner institution or by coming to study at the Lyon CNSMD.
16 teachers took part in teacher exchanges: some CNSMD teachers went abroad to teach in our partner institutions and some teachers from our partner institutions came to give classes at the Lyon CNSMD.


There are 67 administrative staff.


The public season consists of about 350 events per year, 40% of which take place outside the conservatory.
Admission to most events is free.

The Lyon CNSMD enjoys the support of more than fifty partners for the season of public events.

KEY dates

Discussions are held with a view to setting up a second French   national conservatory, in Lyon.

18th February 1980
Official creation of the Lyon CNSMD with Pierre Cochereau as director in the rue de l’Angile, fifth district of Lyon

Launch of plans for the rehabilitation of the former veterinary school at 3 quai Chauveau in the ninth district of Lyon and construction of a new building by architects from Espace Construit.

6th Mars 1984
Death of Pierre Cochereau and nomination of Gilbert Amy. Opening of the dance department.

28th November 1985
First stone of the new conservatory is laid by Jack Lang, Minister of Culture and Communication.

18th February 1988
Inauguration of the new premises by Raymond Barre, Parliamentary Deputy for the  Rhône department, François Léotard, Minister of Culture and Communication, Francisque Collomb, Lord Mayor of Lyon and Gilbert Amy, Director.

5th June 1993
Inauguration of the new premises of the Dance Department in the Grenier de l’Abondance.

1st September 2000
Nomination of Henry Fourès as Director of the CNSMD.

1st September 2009
Nomination of a new director: Géry Moutier.

Finalisation of the new Bologna Process course structure with the opening of a doctorate programme in Research and Practice in partnership with the 3LA doctoral school.