Administrative staff

Mathieu Ferey, Director
Coralie Waluga
, Deputy Director
Christophe Duchêne
, Director of Music Studies
Kylie Walters
, Director of Choreographic Studies
Alain Poirier
, Director of Research

Nicolas Crosio, Head of Communication and Programming, Youth Ballet Publicity Manager
Thibault Guinnepain
, Head of Human Resources and Reception
Cécile Huin
, Head of Student Administration
nn, Head of Finance, Support Services and Catering, Public Procurement Officer
and Manager of the Student Residence
Morgane Milhat
, Head of the Media Resources Centre « Nadia Boulanger »
Didier Coquelet
, Stage Manager
Isabelle Replumaz
, Head of International Relations, Seminar Officer
Agnès Robert
Career Development Officer in charge of Graduate Monitoring and Employer Liaison
Anne-Marie Lormeau, Head of Dance department administration
Michèle Douchet, Chief Accountant