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Department of Music teacher-training

The Music Teacher-Training Course is aimed at students and former students of the CNSMD in Lyon or Paris (and hold a DNESM) in the relevant specialisation.

The teacher-training course is offered in the following specialisations: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, piano, percussion, harp, organ, accordion, guitar, early music, singing, choral conducting, accompaniment for teachers, writing, musical culture, jazz and electro-acoustic music composition.

The course takes two years to complete and no reduction in the length of the course is possible. It leads to a Music Teaching Certificate and also to a ‘Grade de Master’ Diploma (officially recognised as being equivalent to a university master’s degree).


Head of Department: Eric Demange

Science of education: Karine Hahn, Valérie Louis
Musical culture: Charlotte Ginot-Slacik

Writing workshop: visiting professors
Contemporary music workshop (didactics of contemporary music): Dominique Clément
Discovery workshops (jazz, early music, traditional music, contemporay music): visiting professors

Didactics of main specialisations and epistemology of music: Eric Demange, Karine Hahn, Valérie Louis

Ensemble work courses: Yannick Callier (CRR Lyon), Philippe Grammatico (CRD de Villeurbanne), Didier Puntos (CRD de Villeurbanne), Hugues Soualhat (CRR de Lyon), Serge Saïtta (CRD de Villeurbanne), Frédérique Thouvenot (CRD de Villeurbanne)

Teaching practice tutors: teachers from the various regional (CRR), departmental (CRD), communal (CRC) and inter-communal (CRI) conservatories which are partners of the Lyon CNSMD.

Dissertation tutors: Eric Demange, Karine Hahn, Charlotte Ginot-Slacik, Valérie Louis  and guest tutors depending on the theme chosen.