Nadia Boulanger Media Resources Centre

Acquisitions Policy

Considerable efforts have been made in recent years to improve the collections in the field of early music, from the origins to the 16th century, and also in that of contemporary music, with the policy of purchasing everything that can be found for certain authors such as Berio, Ligeti and Stockhausen.

There are a substantial number of books on music (history of music, ethnomusicology, instruments and voice, musicianship and notation, theory, analysis, composition and pedagogy), music and other arts, music and other subject areas, music and liturgy, and also books about composers. The books purchased are usually written in French, but a certain number are written in other languages, mainly in English, but also occasionally in German, Italian and Spanish.

The collection of music periodicals is constantly on the increase. The conservatory currently subscribes to about 130 publications.
Works on dance, the history of dance and ballet, dance companies, critical analysis, scenarios, biographies and theoretical works are purchased regularly.

Purchases of compact discs come under two general headings: classical music and music from outside Europe.
The media resources centre owns a substantial collection of art books (painting and sculpture).
A selection of websites, currently 260, can be accessed via the catalogue.

For the reading room, special efforts are made to purchase monumental editions, dictionaries, thematic catalogues, biographies, bibliographies, etc.