The Lyon CNSMD offers carefully selected students a privileged learning environment in which they are guided towards the mastery of their art and permanent creativity. The ideals it encourages are a humanist vision of the world and artistic sensitivity in its diverse forms.

The challenges of stage and concert performance, together with the cross-fertilisation due to the variety of the students’ previous experience are skilfully exploited by the distinguished teaching staff. Everything is aimed at stimulating the artistic vocation of the students and ensuring that the influences to which they are exposed go far beyond the frontiers of France.

Visit the conservatory and discover an institution with thirty years of experience that becomes even more rich and varied day by day, as more partnerships are developed and the season of three hundred and fifty or so public events unfolds.

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photo Blaise Adilon

Dimanche 29 nov Saison


Quatuor Danel, 4 garçons dans le vent ! Évènement

Festival Cordes à 4

Le Festival Cordes à 4 et sa 3e édition, invitent les Quatuors Cambini-Paris et Danel. Concerts et master-classes publiques d’exception sont au programme.

L'orchestre à l'Auditorium © D. Coueffé Évènement

Orchestre à l’Auditorium de Lyon

Comme chaque année, l’Orchestre du CNSMD de Lyon est invité dans le cadre de la saison de l’Auditorium.