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Department of Dance teacher-training

The Lyon CNSMD dance teacher-training course is designed for dance professionals: dancers, teachers and choreographers, wishing to widen their experience by exploring the art of dance-teaching in order to find practical solutions that are suited to teaching in institutional contexts.

The studies lead to the award of the Dance Teaching Certificate and consist of 700 hours for each of the three options (jazz, contemporary and classical), spread over the two years in the form of sessions during school holidays.


Head of Department: Corine Duval-Métral

Pedagogy and didactics of dance techniques: Françoise Benet, Daniel Housset, Patricia Karagozian, Pascal Minam-Borier, Anahi Renaud, Patricia Zaretti

History of dance: Florence Poudru
Musical culture, analysis, relations between music and dance: Jean-Noël Siret
Functional analysis of bodily movement for dance: Nathalie Schulmann
Science of education: Valérie Louis

Dissertation tutors: Corine Duval-Métral, Christian Moreau

Subject tutors: teachers from the various regional (CRR) and departmental (CRD) conservatories which are partners of the Lyon CNSMD.


In order to do justice to the enormous variety of the world of dance, many other artists and teachers are invited from time to time to teach specific topics.

Distinguished guests invited to the Lyon CNSMD since 2004 (incomplete list):
Germaine Accogny, Cédric Andrieu, Babette Angelvin, Wayne Barbaste, Annie Barthélémy, Isabelle Bonnadier, Cora Bos, Adèle Bracco, Rose Mary Brandt, Agnès Bretel, Emmanuelle Broncin, Sylvie Cebe, Daria Dadoun, Thérèse Marie David, Mireille Deguy, Anne Decoret, Ariane Delarbre, Christiane De Rougemont, Daniel Dobbels, Isabelle Dragol, Odile Duboc, Daniel Dubreuil, Sylvie Duchesne, Jérôme Duvivier, Isabelle Eschenbrenner, Henry Fourès, Virginie Garandeau, Marie-Françoise Garcia, Dominique Genevois, Sylvie Giron, Hélène Gonon, Amancio Gonzales, Monique Goutel, Cathy Grouet, Gérard Guillot, Philippe Guisgand, Daniel Housset, Dai Jian, Sylvie Jacq Mioche, Betty Jones, Vaclav Kunes, Laurence Louppe, Fritz Ludin, Yann Marquis, Anne Martin, Mat Mattox, Martine Mattox, Christian Moreau, Megumi Nakamura, Agnès Nolténius, Claudia Palazzolo, Jean Luc Pacaud, Jean-Christophe Pare, Georges Paczinsky, Charles Picq, Wilfride Piollet, Morton Potash, Florence Poudru, Annabelle Pulcini, Jacqueline Rayet, Vincent Reignier, François Revol, Ingeborg Liptay, Odile Rouquet, Sophie Rousseau, François Roux, Simon Rochereau, Deborah Salmirs, Yannick Stephan, Eliane Seguin, Kerrie Szuch, Irène Tassembedo, Cheryl Terrien, Clothilde Vayer, Juan Vicente, Patricia Wilde, etc.

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