Practical matters

Student’s annual budget

Here is an estimate of the cost of studying for a year at the CNSMD on the basis of 2011/2012 figures. Monthly rates should be multiplied by nine to obtain the annual total. The costs do not include ancillary expenses such as purchase of music, trips, leisure activities, etc.)

Audition fee

€84 (€42 for students holding a bursary)


CNSMD residence: from €190 to €310, depending on the type of room
University residence
: from €150 to €230
Private rented housing:
between €350 and €500

CNSMD restaurant

meals cost €3.35

Fees (2012/2013 rates)

tuition fees: €437
media resources centre: €23
‘sécurité sociale’ insurance: €203
supplementary mutual insurance (optional): variable

Public transport

monthly ‘TCL CAMPUS’  student bus/metro pass: €26,30
’Vélo’v’ bike hire card: annual subscription €15 (with 30 minutes of free use each time) if aged 14-25, otherwise €25 (with 30 minutes of free use each time)