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International Exchanges

Being an exchange students at the CNSMDL

Due to its tradition of innovation and conviviality, the Lyon CNSMD has become over the last fifteen years one of the most recognizable names in the field of international cooperation. The Lyon CNSMD has signed student exchange agreements with more than 70 partner institutions all over the world and plays a leading role in the implementation of European joint study programmes. We are signatory to the Erasmus Charter and we are an active member of the AEC (Association of European Conservatoires).


Status of the exchange student at the Lyon CNSMD

There are 3 different kinds of status for students who come study at the Lyon CNSMD within the frame of an exchange programme:

  • Exchange students coming within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme or the Swiss Erasmus programme ;
  • Exchange students registered in a partner institution which has signed a bilateral agreement with the Lyon CNSMD (see the list of our partner institutions) ;
  • Temporary exchange students « free mover » : the Lyon CNSMD can accept the application of an exchange student registered in an institution which has not signed a bilateral agreement with the Lyon CNSMD. However, this decision has to be taken by the concerned educational staff. Please note that the stay of a « free mover » student cannot exceed one semester.


For the 2 first groups of students (Erasmus+ or Swiss Erasmus programme or bilateral agreement): please note that applications sent by the students themselves will automatically be rejected. Only applications sent by the International Relations Coordinator of the home institution will be considered.

Students wishing to undertake a temporary study period at the Lyon CNSMD under the « free mover » status first have to contact the International Relations Office of the Lyon CNSMD. Please, click here to find contact details.


All the courses offered in our institution are available to exchange students, either at Bachelor, Master or Doctorate level. In some cases, we can arrange specific courses to suit the expected learning programme of the student. Regarding the main subject, exchange students follow the same course than regular students. Aside from the main discipline, exchange students can follow compulsory or optional subsidiary subjects, and participate in other educational activities.

The list of courses available at the Lyon CNSMD is accessible under the heading « programs » n our website.

French language coures

The Lyon CNSMD does not offer French language courses for foreigners. But we have have signed several agreements with external institutions where exchange students can take French language courses :

Registration, insurance and regulations

Exchange students at the Lyon CNSMD must be registered in their home institution and pay the tuition fees at their home institution.

In order for exchange students to obtain their student card from the Lyon CNSMD, they will be required to show their ID card, their student card from their home institution, their European Health Insurance Card, as well as the proof that they subscribed a civil liability insurance contract. Exchange students can contact the LMDE or SMERRA to get more information about the French Health Care system.

Rights and obligations of exchange students at the Lyon CNSMD are the same than those applying to regular students. Exchange students must respect the all the regulations regarding the discipline and the functioning of the institution.

Get involved in the student life of the Lyon CNSMD

There are many events and activities taking place all throughout the year at the Lyon CNSMD.

Please click here to access the academic calendar of the Lyon CNSMD.


All throughout the year, students can attend several master-classes. Some of them are more especially linked to the practice of an instrument, others such as improvisation or music culture seminars open their doors to all  students. Some master-classes are part of the public events agenda and are opened to everyone.

Public events at the Lyon CNSMD

Each year, the CNSMD offers about 450 public events. A brochure is released each year, but you can also find all the information you need on our website under the heading « public events« .

Students get free entrance to all the events organized by the Lyon CNSMD. Should students wish to book a seat, they should get in touch with the communication office to get free tickets in advance.

Nadia Boulanger Media resources center

The resources centre serves the needs of music teaching and research and is accessible to everyone. However, before borrowing documents users must first register at the media resources centre. For CNSMD students, the user’s card is issued free of charge on presentation of student’s card and identity photograph.

The resources centre owns nearly 100,000 documents which it monitors with a database catalogue that can be consulted online.

For more information, you can access the webpage of the Media Resources Center where you will find an online portal.

Nouvelle Association des Etudiants du Conservatoire (N.A.E.C.)

Exchange students at the Lyon CNSMD can join the student association N.A.E.C., which welcomes new students and exchange students, organises workshops, sport activities, concerts, evenings out, etc. Students are asked to pay a €5 fee for their registration for the whole academic year.

For further information about the N.A.E.C., please click here.



You can find all the information you need about the city of Lyon on the ONLYLYON website. You should find some information that will help at your arrival.


Each year, the International Relations Office team sends a list of people to contact for a private housing to each incoming student (this list includes the contact details of some CNSMDL outgoing students, who will be abroad at the time when incoming students will be in Lyon).

The Lyon CNSMD has its own student residence with 60 beds. Each year, 4 places are reserved for exchange students. For further information about the residence, please click here.

Do not hesitate to contact the Student Association (NAEC), whose membres can help incoming students to find an accommodation in Lyon :

Foreign students can also apply for a financial support from the French State for their accommodation in France via the CAF website. Depending on the type of accommodation, there are different procedures: