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Professional development

Financial help to projects

The CNSMD of Lyon and other instutions support students by offering them scholarships and grants that can help them to carry out individual artistic, educational or research projects, throughout their studies or after their graduation.

There are several kinds of financial help students can receive:

Important notice!
Please, do not forget to check the deadlines of all application processes! Do not wait for the last moment!
You can ask them at the International Relations Office.

Grants coordinated by the CNSMD


→ The Mécénat Musical Société Générale (MMSG) grants

These grants are intended for students finishing their studies, therefore students enrolled in a Master’s. The demand is allowed from the last year of « licence » (third year). Grants fund projects from September to August.

What type of projects do the MMSG grants fund?

  • International exchange programs (outside ERASMUS)
  • International competitions
  • Special training courses
  • Travels to various auditions (orchestra, ensembles, etc.)
  • Professional projects (tours, media creation, educational projects, etc), as part of a co-funding process
  • Research travels

How to apply?
Application files are available in the International Relations Office, directed by Isabelle Replumaz.
Once a year, the applications are presented to the grant committee, which then chose the projects it is inclined to support.

How much will I receive?
The amount of the grant is not fixed but decided depending on the project.

Click here to see the site of the Mécénat.

→ The Explora Sup grants

Click here to know more about the mobility help.

→ The ADAMI grants

These individual grants are intended to allow performing artists of the classical and lyric world to follow courses or to gain the means needed for their improvement, their professional integration, the acquisition of new knowledge or the development of their career.

What type of projects do the ADAMI grants fund?
The demands are mainly about the acquisition or the rental of instruments, the participation in special courses and master-classes in France and abroad, the preparation for international competitions, auditions or recruitments.
The grants are intended for Master’s graduate students (in the instrumental, lyric and choral conducting fields) or the previous two years.

How to apply?
The beneficiaries receive an email from the CNSMD of Lyon with a form they have to fill. Deadlines are usually around May.

Other grants


→ Student mobility scholarships

The Franco-German Office and the DAAD offer scholarships to help students to come study in Germany outside the ERASMUS plan and to take German language courses.

The Fulbright scholarships concern the exchange in the USA.

The OFQJ scholarships help funding exchange studies in Montreal.

→ The Excellence grants

The grants of the Banque Populaire Group come from an individual sponsorship intended for young musicians (soloists, writers and ensembles) beginning their career. Instrumentalists must be under or 26 years olf and writers under or 40.

The ADAMI talents (including the classical revelations) designs and sets up events allowing performing artists to star their career in the best conditions. Applicants must be under 30 years old.

→ The vocation aids

The grants of the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Foundation help the funding of studies in France, whatever the student’s nationality might be.

The Déclic grants of the Fondation de France allow young people from 18 to 30 year old, to fulfil their vocation. The amount is 7600 euros.

The vocation grants of the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation are intended for young European people from 18 to 30 years old living in France to help them fulfil their vocation.

→ Grants by instrumental families

The R. Berthier grants can be delivered to a violinist, violist or cellist wishing to participate in an international competition or to assist to a master-class. Only one grant is given by year. The grant amounts to 2500 euros.

→ The Yamaha grants

These grants vary from one year to another: the instruments and the countries targeted change. Applicants must be under or 25 years old and have to fill a form on the website of Yamaha and send a recording of two titles on CD or DVD.

→ The Zonta Club’s musical grants

These grants are intended for young female artists. They amount to 5000 euros.

Other sources of funding

There other sources of funding available, depending on the projects:

  • Civil societies for the administration of performers’ rights (SACEM, ADAMI, SACD, SPEDIDAM),
  • Cultural centres of French embassies abroad,
  • Foreign embassies in France
  • The State or the local governments
  • Private sponsors, such as instrument makers, specialised editors, airlines, etc.