Department of early music

quatuor et orgue


The department of early music was set up in 1988 with a view to developing the teaching of the music of the middle ages and the Renaissance. Since then repertoire from other periods has been added so that the period of reference now extends to the beginning of the 19th century and overlaps with the classical period.

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cornet à bouquin

Main Subjects

The main subjects taught in the Department of Early Music at the Lyon CNSMD are: Basso Continuo Harpsichord Lute and Plucked Strings Viola de Gamba Baroque Violin Baroque Cello Cornetto Baroque Trumpet Sackbut Recorder Early Harp Baroque Oboe Baroque Bassoon Baroque Flute Early Music Singing Musical discourse BASSO CONTINUO Principal Teacher: Yves Rechsteiner The basso [...]

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flûtes à bec

Subsidiary subjects

The subsidiary subjects of the Early Music Department of the Lyon CNSMD are Ars Musica 1, Ars Musica 2, Ars Musica 3, Basso Continuo for Players of Melodic Instruments and Singers, Musical Discourse, Ornamentation, Tuning and Temperament and Vocal Workshop for Instrumentalists.

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