Videos of MOOC CHEL[s]

Videos taken from MOOC: Decision Complexity Risk [s] implemented by the CHEL[S], College of Higher Studies Lyon Sciences.

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Laboratoire Scène/recherchE

The musician researcher Artists have always been researchers before anything else, whether they are instrumentalists, choreographers, composers, writers, sculptors, or engaged in any other art form. This idea has led to a considerable evolution in the teaching and sharing of artistic knowledge: methods, teaching approaches, openness to the world and its complexity, musicians’ place in [...]

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médiathèque © B. Adilon


AIDS TO RESEARCH Documents on methodology available on the website of the Nadia Boulanger Media Resources Centre ‘Guide des difficultés de rédaction en musique’ (Guide to the Difficulties of Writing about Music) ‘Guide pour la rédaction du mémoire de recherche en master’ (Guide to Writing the Master’s Research Dissertation) DOCUMENTATION ON ARTISTIC RESEARCH Report on [...]

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