Woodwind Department

The woodwind department of the Lyon CNSMD consists of the following specialisations: flute, oboe, clarinet, French bassoon and German bassoon.

The woodwind department consists of the following specialisations: flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (French and German systems). This department is particularly rich and varied in that it brings together instruments that differ widely in terms of tone, conception and technique.

The teaching staff is composed of teachers and assistant with substantial experience of orchestral playing (principals or former principals with well-known orchestras in France and abroad). The teaching is therefore very much oriented towards orchestral work with particular attention being paid to the study of orchestral excerpts and the organisation of woodwind sectional rehearsals. Naturally this does not exclude study of the repertoire. The piccolo, the cor anglais, the bass clarinet and the contrabassoon are also taught.


Head of Department: Jérôme Guichard


Julien Beaudiment
Assistants: Gilles Cottin, Emmanuelle Revile
Accompanist: Sophie Landibar


Jean-Louis Capezzali/Jérôme Guichard
Assistant: Véronique Goudin-Léger
Accompanist: Véronique Goudin-Léger


Nicolas Baldeyrou
Assistant: Franck Amet
Accompanist: Nicolas Jouve

German bassoon

Carlo Colombo
Assistant: Olivier Massot
Accompanist: Sophie Doche de Magondeaux

French bassoon

Julien Hardy
Assistant: Stéphane Coutaz
Accompanist: Jean-Marie Bardèche

Harpsichord accompanist: Anne-Catherine Vinay