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The jeune Ballet

Final year students of both the classical and contemporary sections, who are in a period of transition between their studies and their professional lives, are placed in a professional situation by virtue of their participation in the life of the jeune ballet (youth ballet).

This is a privileged moment at the outset of a career when the jeune ballet allows students to develop their knowledge of repertoire and creative ability, to bring together everything they have learnt, both in choreography and in music and to have the opportunity to meet experienced choreographers, innovative young specialists and composers embracing many different styles and aesthetic preferences.

Whether they lean more towards classical or contemporary aesthetics, the dancers of the jeune ballet gain maturity through the stage experience and the encounters with audiences. Their performance skills are enhanced as they profit from a marvellous occasion to learn repertoire and explore the different modes of creation of experienced choreographers and innovative young specialists.

At this, the threshold of their professional careers, they are ready to convince you of their technical expertise and artistic sensitivity.

As they prepare to embark on their own career pathway, their autonomy and individual commitment make them more aware of the role and responsibilities of the artist in society.

jeune ballet 2013-2014