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Subsidiary subjects

Here is a list of the subsidiary subjects taught at the Lyon CNSMD

Please consult the French version of this page to download the syllabuses that have not yet been translated into English.

A – B

Additional Piano
Applied Analysis
Applied Analysis for Realisation
Applied Methodology for a Research Topic
Ars Musica 1
Ars Musica 2
Ars Musica 3
Art and Civilisation

Basso Continuo

C – H

Chamber Music
Choral Singing
Coaching in Early Music singing repertoire

Early Instruments for brass
Early Instruments for woodwind
Ensemble Practice for Singers

Functional Analysis of Bodily Movement for Dance

History of Dance
History of Eectro-acoustic Music
History of Film Music
History of Western music

I – O

Improvisation Workshop
Image Analysis
Individual Vocal Technique
Introduction to Basso Continuo and the harpsichord
Introduction to Choral Conducting
Introduction to Orchestral Conducting
Introduction to Pedagogy
Introduction to Programming, Synthesis and Sound Processing

Languages (English, German, Italian)
Laboratory Stage/researcH
Lyrical productions on stage

Music Foundation Course (Introduction to Analysis, revision course)
Music Foundation Course for dancers
Music Foundation Course for Singers
Musical Discourse
Musical Illustration


P – R

Participation in master-classes
Piano (for accompanists)
Piano Accompaniment
Piano Reduction of Opera, Lieder and Melodies
Posture and Movement
Practical Aspects of the Profession
Project and Research Dissertation

Realisation Project
Real Time Programming – “Electro-acoustic and Computer Applications » Option
Real Time Programming – “Instrumental and Vocal » Option
Research and Creation in Computer Applications for Music

S – Z

Science of New techniques
Specialised Seminars for Singers

Theories of Analysis
Tuning and Temperament
Twentieth and twenty-first Century Analysis
Twentieth and twenty-first Century Workshop

Vocal Ensemble
Vocal Workshop