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The current teaching team, which Jean-Claude Ciappara has led since 2003, is a young group assembled not only for their teaching skills but also for their ability to elaborate and exchange ideas about the future that lies ahead for dance teaching.

Teaching project

All the teaching at the Lyon CNSMD aims to promote each student’s artistic development according to his or her aspirations and capabilities.

It is the alchemy of all the teaching offered that brings to light, by optimising their physical, mental and artistic potential, students’ true performing talent as dancers ready to assume the responsibilities of a difficult career. In short, the teaching aims not only to transmit savoir-faire but also to develop an awareness of what it means to be an artist.

The courses as a whole are designed to prepare students for their future professional careers as choreographers, performers, teachers, and so on.
In accordance with the policy of the conservatory, priority is placed on giving students the tools of their trade that will able them to perform works.

The Lyon CNSMD is at constant pains to offer dancers top level, highly personalised training. In order to do so the Dance Department depends on its permanent teaching staff and on a great number of guest teachers. All of them contribute to maintaining the quality of the teaching of an art that is in a constant state of evolution.

The Dance Department of the Lyon CNSMD belongs to a rich and varied cultural environment in which dance is extremely well established. The Maison de la Danse (Danse Centre), the Biennale Internationale de la Danse, the Centre National de la Danse, the Lyon National Opera Ballet and Lyonnais teaching institutions such as the Lyon National Schools of Fine Art and Architecture are among the partners with whom the Dance Department is in permanent contact.


Director of Choreographic Studies: Jean-Claude Ciappara
Director of Choreographic Studies by acting: Davy Brun

Assistant, head of administrative services: Anne-Marie Lormeau
Administrative assistant: Catherine Renouf
Schooling: Agnès Badet
Administration: Laurence Aimo

Main subjects

Educational coordinator: Benoit Caussé
Ballet master: Gaëlle Communal Van Sleen
Classical dance:Marie-Françoise Géry, Stéphane Elizabé, Philippe Lormeau, Pierre Darde
Contemporary dance: Juliette Beauviche, Marie-Françoise Garcia (replaced by Johana Lemarchand in 2017/2018), Anne Martin, Déborah Salmirs (replaced by Antonia Vitti)

Accompanists: Alain Chaléard, Jahye Euh, Catherine Goubin, Yves Maldonado, Laure Rousselet, Jean-Noël Siret

Subsidiary subjects

Analysis of movement: Anne-Violette Bruyneel
Functional analysis of the body in the danced movement : Robert Le Nuz (classic option) & Patricia Zaretti (option contemporary)
Music foundation course: Laurence Commandeur, Maki Roux-Nakajima
History of dance: Florence Poudru
Vocal technique for the stage: Bruno Fontaine
Alexander technique: Eulalia Sagarra
English: Jessica Leigh Hackett

Tutoring: teachers of National Education ; coordination : Frédéric Vidal

Associated technical staff

Lighting: Reynald Bureau
Sound: Gilles Duroux
Costumes: Maïté Chantrel, Claude Murgia
Photographs: Christian Ganet

We have worked together to develop outward-looking policies. By using the rich heritage of the past as a catalyst for creating the future we have looked carefully at the content of our teaching to ensure that it corresponds to the training needs of tomorrow’s performers.

By promoting the notion of a team, we have created a breeding ground which protects and trains the technical, artistic and human talents of each dancer, so as to lead them on progressively to the threshold of their adult lives as artists with strong convictions, a high degree of autonomy and immaculate standards for themselves and their profession.

Further information

Guest teachers