Mozart à 2, Thierry Malandain danseAnd-or-Wave-P Bach two Bach chor. Abou Lagraa danseclassique



Director of Choreographic Studies: Kylie Walters

Assistant, head of administrative services: Anne-Marie Lormeau
Pedagogical assistant: Edouard Garcin
Administrative assistant: Catherine Renouf
Schooling: Agnès Badet
Administration: Laurence Aimo

Main subjects

Ballet master: Gaëlle Communal van Sleen
Classical dance: Pierre Darde, Stéphane Elizabé, Marie-Françoise Géry, Philippe Lormeau
Contemporary dance: Juliette Beauviche, Fabienne Donnio, Anne Martin, Virginia Heinen

Accompanists: Alain Chaléard, Jahye Euh, Catherine Goubin, Yuna Ishimasu, Yves Maldonado, Laure Rousselet, Jean-Noël Siret

Complementary disciplines / theorical and somatic

Analysis of movement: Violette Bruyneel
Functional analysis of the body in the danced movement : Robert Le Nuz (classic option) & Patricia Zaretti (option contemporary)
Music foundation course: Laurence Commandeur, Maki Roux-Nakajima
History of dance: Florence Poudru
Vocal theater: Jean-Philippe Amy
Alexander technique: Eulalia Sagarra
Yoga: Johanna Lemarchand
English: Jessica Leigh Hackett

Tutoring: teachers of National Education ; coordination: Frédéric Vidal

Associated technical staff

Lighting: Bernard Espinasse
Sound: Gilles Duroux
Costumers: Maïté Chantrel, Claude Murgia
Photographers: Christian Ganet/Michel Calvalca

Further information

Guest teachers