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International Master InMICS

InMICS is a two-year programme offering advanced international students the chance to hone their skills, share their talents and develop their own personality and projects within an international, professional environment.

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InMICS was created by a partnership of European and Canadian higher art education institutes and professional organisations in the field of audiovisual creation.

Higher education institutions involved:

Professional partners involved:

This Master’s is dedicated to international students wishing to work as composers for audiovisual media in the broadest sense of the term. We welcome applications from anyone who already composes music for screen. A bachelor’s degree in music or the equivalent is required. Applicants will be assessed first and foremost on their creative abilities, coupled with profound interest in music and visual media.

The programme will be taught primarily in English, with the exception of a few courses in the language of the country of one of the four institutes. You will need a B1 level in English in order to successfully follow the InMICS courses. Additionally, if you wish to study at the University of Montréal, you will need an A2 level in French. Language levels will be assessed during the application interviews.

There is no age limit.


The study is for two years, at two of the four partner institutes. Each of the participating schools offers a specific teaching environment, and students will study and work at two of the four schools. This give them the ideal opportunity to fulfil their personal objectives and advance their professional perspectives. Each of the four institutions offers a different teaching approach to composition for visual media, with a specific focus on the medium and professional perspectives:

  • Conservatorio GB Martini Bologna: Electroacoustic Composition for Screen
  • Conservatorium/School of Arts Ghent: Musical Theatre and Media Arts
  • CNSMD De Lyon: Scoring for Screen
  • Faculty of Music – University of Montréal: Composition for Video Games

Some subjects (cultural and theoritical subjects and research methodology) are taught through e-learning or visio-conference to all the students by specialists selected by the four institutions.

Recherche et analyse

Mémoire de master en lien avec le projet artistique personnel de chaque étudiant avec soutenance publique.

Close links with the professional world

  • Collaborative workshops with audiovisual arts students
  • Master-classes with professionnels: composers, film makers, producers, music supervisors, publicists, etc.
  • Workshops organised at participating festivals partners (Aubagne, Gent)
  • Screening of students works throughout the network of professional organisations partners 
  • Professional internship  in the field of music creation for the audio-visual

More information and details about InMICS (course description, student profile, presentation of institutions partners, etc.) on


Application period: from November 15, 2017 to January 15, 2018


  • 15/01/2018 (12pm GMT+1): deadline for submitting applications online
  • 31/01/2018: Results of the 1st round announced to applicants; instructions given for the preliminary assignment; announcement of the date of the interview
  • 15/02/2018 (12pm GMT+1): deadline for students to submit the preliminary assignment
  • 20-21/02/2018: interviews held at CNSMD de Lyon (France)
  • 22/02/2018: Results of the 2nd round announced to applicants; jury reveals its recommendation concerning the two institutions where each student will enrol (this decision is final)

1) Online applications before January 15, 2018

Applicants complete and submit the application form on a common online platform (in English or with a qualified certified English translation).

Application procedure in 3 steps, as follows:

STEP 1: completing the application form
STEP 2: after submitting the application form, applicants will receive an email within 10 days with details about the payment of the entrance exam fee by bank transfer

Please note that:

  • it is recommended not to wait until the last minute to proceed with steps 1 and 2 since payments by bank transfer can take time.
  • Applications submitted without payment of the entrance exam fee will be considered invalid.
  • A proof of payment has to be submitted as one of the required documents to complete the application.

STEP 3: uploading of all the required documents in a compressed file (.zip).

More information about the list of required documents and submitting procedure on the common online platform.

Results of 1st round applications

Applications will be assessed by the joint international jury according to the following criteria:

  • creative skills
  • technical skills
  • motivation

The recruitment committee will announce the names of applicants who are to be invited for interviews. Together with the invitation to the interview, these applicants will be given a compulsory assignment to be completed by a given deadline (before the interview). It will entail composing music for a short animated film of five to seven minutes.

2) Live interview with the international jury

The selected applicants will be invited to 40-minute interview, following a specific time schedule. The times will be communicated to selected applicants together with the announcement of the results of phase 1 applications. Phase 2 interviews will take place at CNSMD de Lyon (Lyon, France). Should an applicant be unable to come to the interview, a Skype interview with the recruitment committee can be scheduled upon acceptance of the jury.

Results of 2nd round applications

Based on the results of the interviews, students admitted to the programme will receive a letter of acceptance, also stating the two hosting institutes the student is to attend. They will be asked to proceed with their registration according to the procedures of both hosting institutions prior to beginning the two-year programme.

Cost of studies

First year: € 1800
The eighteen hundred Euros is payable to the institution at which the student will be studying. No fees are due to the institution where the student is not currently studying.

Second year: €1800
The eighteen hundred Euros is payable to the institution at which the student will be studying. No fees are due to the institution where the student is not currently studying.