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Dance studies

Dance teaching

The course is designed for dance professionals: dancers, teachers and choreographers, wishing to widen their experience by exploring the art of dance-teaching in order to find practical solutions that are suited to teaching in institutional contexts.


The studies lead to the award of the Dance Teaching Certificate and consist of 700 hours for each of the three options (jazz, contemporary and classical) spread over the two years in the form of sessions during the school holidays.


Admission to the course is by audition. Each year-group consists of a maximum of 21 participants. Selection is either based on performance at an audition session or by assessment of the candidate’s written application.


The course is based on a programme of choreographic works selected in each of the three specialisations: classical, contemporary and jazz (with the use of video). This programme constitutes the backbone of the course.


The teaching programme is accompanied by observation periods and professional experiences organised by the Lyon CNSMD which makes every effort to take into account the geographical constraints of each student.


Course assessment, which leads to the award of the Dance Teaching Certificate (‘Certificat d’Aptitude’: CA), is based partly on continuous assessment and partly on the final assessment at the end of the course.