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Brass Department

The students of the brass department participate in the ensemble activities of the Lyon CNSMD: orchestra, chamber music (brass quintet, variable geometry ensembles, etc.)

Thanks to seminars, master-classes and teacher exchanges with partner institutions in Europe and further afield, students widen their experience through this extensive contact with a wide range of artistic experiences and approaches to musical culture.

The conservatory brass ensemble perform regularly in concert with invited conductors such as Antony Plog, Eric Crees, Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Roger Bobo, Rex Martin, James Gourlay, Marc Lys, Philippe Ferro, etc. and the teachers Thierry Caens, David Guerrier and Michel Becquet, Head of Department.


Head of Department: Michel Becquet


Benoît de Barsony
Assistant: Hugues Viallon/Jean Pincemin
Accompanist: Hsin-I Huang


Thierry Caens/Romain Leleu
Assistant: Christian Léger
Accompanist: Véronique Goudin-Léger


Michel Becquet
Assistant: Fabien Lafarge
Accompanist: Michiko Ishii-Guidato

Bass trombone

José Isla-Julian
Accompanist: Chantal Cervoni-Lamarre

Tenor tuba / bass tuba

Bastien Baumet/Guillaume Dionnet
Accompanist: Kyoko Nojima (replaced by Mélissa Dessaigne until 13.10.19)

Saxhorn / Euphonium

Arnaud Boukhitine
Accompanist: Kyoko Nojima (replaced by Mélissa Dessaigne until 13.10.19)