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Practical matters


The Lyon CNSMD has its own student residence with 60 beds, situated on the premises of the conservatory at 3 quai Chauveau, Lyon 9.


For the 2021-2022 academic year:
- 23 places are reserved for students aged 16 to 18
- 4 places are reserved for Erasmus exchange students
- 25 places are reserved for students aged 18 to à 28.

The residence is only open to students who have taken their audition and been admitted to the CNSMD.



Rooms are allocated by a committee composed of:
- the director (chairperson);
- the deputy director, the director of music studies, the director of choreographic studies, the head of student administration, the head of finance, the residence manager (or their representatives), two members of teaching staff, two student representatives, members of the board of administration.

Although the committee makes the proposals of the allocation of the housing of the student residence of the CNSMD, the final decision is taken by the director. The applications are presented by the housing office.

It should be noted that the committee allocates places in the residence and not a room of any particular type. The housing office allocates places in rooms after the committee meets, according to availability and, if possible, to the wishes expressed by the student.

Criteria for allocation

Places are allocated according to the financial situation of the family, the age of the student and the distance from the conservatory to his or her home address.

Committee meeting dates

The commission meets once a year in July after the entrance exams (2022: date to be confirmed).

Important !

For some students there is very little time for the preparation of their housing application. It is therefore a good idea to collect the necessary documents in advance (see list below).

Housing is not usually allocated to first year music students until after the beginning of their term, so it is wise for them to plan to spend the first week of term in temporary housingoutside the conservatory.

Admission to the residence
The results of the commission will be published on the CNSMD website and displayed in the reception hall of the establishment.


The allocation of a place entails the right to occupy the room for the whole year during the period periods when the residence is open, which are determined each year. Rooms must be vacated and emptied during the summer holidays. Students aged 18 and over can enter and leave the building until the conservatory closes at 1 o’clock in the morning. The resident pays a deposit equivalent to a month’s rent on arrival. This sum is held by the conservatory and returned to the student on his or her final departure provided that no damage has been caused to the room and all rent has been duly paid.

How ‘safe boarding’ (‘internat surveillé’) operates

If parents ask specifically for ‘safe boarding’, students aged 16 or 17 can benefit from special security arrangements. From 7.30 am to 8 pm the movements of under-age students are not monitored and they are free to leave the conservatory as and when they want. Between 8 pm and 7.30 am under-age students must remain on the premises. If they want to leave the conservatory during these hours they must obtain written permission from their parents to do so. A night watchman is present at the conservatory from 8 pm onwards. He checks regularly on all under-age students between 8 pm and 11 pm. During the night he occupies a room on the same floor as the under-age students and can intervene after 11:30 pm in case of problems, notably those of security and discipline.


Under-age students from abroad seeking a place in the residence must be able to give the name of an adult who will act on behalf of their parents if necessary. This person must be resident in France and if possible in the Lyon region. He or she must be able to intervene quickly if the under-age student has a problem (such as being taken to hospital for example).


Here is the list of documents to be submitted with applications for rooms (documents marked with an asterisk do not need to be submitted with applications for an additional period unless your situation or that of your family has changed).

For students with French nationality

  • 2 identity photos
  • copy of identity card or passport*
  • complete copy of ‘livret de famille’ (French family identity document)*
  • photocopy of your parents’ income tax statement(s) (indicating liability and/or exemption) with regard to 2010 income, and your own income tax statement if you make a separate declaration
  • bank account details
  • students 18 and over: student’s own bank identity slip
  • under-age students : parent or guardian’s bank identity slip.

For students not holding French nationality

  • 2 identity photos
  • copy of identity card or passport
  • student’s bank identity slip (RIB: ‘relevé d’identité bancaire’)
  • birth certificate, issued by the consulate or embassy (or for students with stateless or refugee status by the OFPRA: ‘Office Français de Protection des Réfugiés et Apatrides’) justifying the family situation of the applicant*
  • proof of parental income for 2010 and that of the student if he or she has any earnings (translated into French)
  • declaration in good faith by the student indicating whether or not he or she holds a bursary from the French government and stating the amount is the case
  • if the student is under-age, declaration of acceptance of responsibility by the legal representative in France.

Special situations concerning all students

  • if your parents are divorced: copy of the divorce decree indicating which parent has been given responsibility and indicating the amount of alimony to be paid*
  • if you have a permanent disability or physical condition such that you require personal assistance from someone: documents certifying your condition and situation*
  • if there has been any major change affecting your family (such as death, loss of employment, retirement or illness) resulting in a long-term reduction of income: documents certifying the change of situation and income.


The prices indicated may be modified in 2022-2023

Second floor rooms

7 rooms with two beds, shower and washbasin (shared WC): 204 €
9 single rooms with shower and washbasin (shared WC): 296 €

Third floor rooms
13 single rooms with shower, washbasin and mezzanine (shared WC): 339 €
8 rooms with 2 beds, shower, washbasin, WC and mezzanine: 226 €


Standard furnishings:

Bed, bedside table, bedside lamp, desk, chair, work lamp, armchair.

Students have the use of a personal letter-box, one shared kitchen on each floor, an ice pack, a laundry equipped with washing-machines, a dryer and an iron, a television lounge, a phone booth and free Wi-Fi internet access.



entrance to the residence for dancers:
> Friday 3 September 2021 from 8am to 5pm for all dancers

entry to the residence for musicians:
> Friday 3 September 2021 from 8am to 5pm for 1st year musicians participating in the integration week
> Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm for all musicians not participating in the integration week

> Christmas and New Year holidays: from Saturday 18 December 2021 at 2pm to Sunday 2 January 2022 at 5pm

> summer holidays: closing on Saturday 25 June 2022 at 2pm.



The application form for a room at the CNSMD residence is to be filled in on the CNSMDL website before 04 July 2021 included (application won’t be accepted if received after this date).

Reminder: the commission for the allocation of rooms at the CNSMD residence will be held in July 2022 (date to be confirmed). The results will be published on the CNSMD website and displayed in the reception hall of the establishment.

Students admitted to the residence will receive by e-mail all the information concerning the beginning of the school year in July or at the end of August 2022.



Students can also make their own housing arrangements.
Many organisations can help with finding housing, notably the CROUS, Lyon Campus, Lokaviz and the Crij Rhônes-Alpes.