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Joining us

Course registration

Students’ registration in the various subsidiary subjects is a crucial step for their smooth integration to the CNSMD.

CNSMD students (already enroled)

In June, students organise their course schedule of the following year. The Student Affairs Office registers these schedules and registrations in the studies database, which allows students to effectively attend the courses selected starting the beginning of the autumn term (see the academic calendar here).

For the first year of the first cycle (Bachelor) :

The welcome file we send to successful candidates in the first cycle admission includes the courses’ timetable. Mid-October, students enrol in the subsidiary subjects after taking a test to assess the level of their past music-training. The process is easer during the fist semester (there is no optional subject) and the enrolments are registered starting October. A complementary registration takes place in January, when they chose their subsidiary cultural course, which they must begin to attend during the spring semester (see the academic calendar here).

For the first year of the second cycle (Master)

Students also receive the courses’ timetable in their welcome file. They are welcomed by the Student Affairs Office and have to hand over their planning as soon as possible after meeting the teaching-staff, and particularly the teachers with whom they are to discuss their research project for their Master’s degree.

V.A.A. (Validation des Acquis Antérieurs = Former Training Validation)

Former training validation is the validation process of skills and knowledge gained in another setting. It is made when students enter their program. The validation may allow students to validate a part of their programs’ courses, in other to avoid following courses they have already studied elsewhere. The process can lead to credit points and the substantial cut in their training time (according to the 9th article of the February 1st 2008 decree on the national superior diploma in professional music and the 8th article of the studies regulations on the organisation of the first cycle).

Any student concerned can ask for the former training validation, according to their situation and their project.

A help desk is especially dedicated to this end at the beginning of the year, in order to assist students in their curriculum organisation and the establishment of their demand file of V.A.A. Before making their demand, students have to be fully aware of the courses’ syllabus: they can be found on the website, under the menu title studies.