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Admission procedure

Admission to Dance Departments

Admission is by audition (two rounds).



The entry auditions in classical dance and contemporary dance will be held at distance (both 1st & 2nd rounds of the audition).

For the 1st round « admissibilité », the candidates will send a video + a Curriculum Vitae by Friday June 19th, 2020 at noon (12pm):

- video by Kylie Walters, director of choreographic studies

The link to the platform where the video will have to be uploaded will be sent to candidates by email.

The results of the 1st round « admissibilité » will be given on June 26th, 2020*.
Candidates selected for the 2nd round « admission » will then receive instructions for the 2nd video, which will have to be sent by Friday July 3rd*, 2020 at noon (12pm).
The results for the 2nd round will be available mid-July.

* please note that the dates might be changed


Classical dance

  • minimum 15 (the candidate must be aged 15 or over on the 1st October of the year duing which they audition)
  • maximum 18 (the candidate must be under 18 on the 1st October of the year duing which they audition)

Contemporary dance

  • minimum 16 (the candidate must be aged 16 or over on the 1st October of the year duing which they audition)
  • maximum 20 (the candidate must be under 20 on the 1st October of the year duing which they audition)

Candidates who are under or over the age limits and would still like to apply can ask for a dispensation.

Dispensation request must be sent by email at derogation.danse, along with a detailed curriculum vitae.
The request will be examined by the Director of Choreographic Studies who will take the decision to grant the dispensation or not.


Candidates may not apply more than three times for the same specialisation (even if the applications are not made in consecutive years). Any subsequent applications must be made within five years of the candidate’s first attempt. Candidates who have passed the 1st round at least once are permitted to make a fourth application.


Candidates who withdraw from audition sessions without notifying the CNSMD by registered post with recorded delivery in the two-week period preceding the audition session will not be allowed to apply the following year except in cases of force majeure.
Applications withdrawn in due time are still counted as one of the three maximum applications.


Undergraduate admission (Diplôme National Professionnel de Danseur)
Candidates admitted at undergraduate level (DNSPD) who are not citizens of French-speaking countries must prove their competence in French on arrival at the conservatory at the beginning of term by means of an official certificate indicating a level of at least A2 on the Common European Framework reference scale defined by the Council of Europe.
Students who do not fulfill these obligations are placed on leave to obtain at own expense the required language certificate; they retain the benefit of their admission for one year and may resume their studies subject to meeting these obligations upon their return from leave.


The registration fee is set each year by a Ministry of Culture’s decree (Légifrance article 11&12). The fee is not refundable!


Candidates from foreign countries can check the France-visas website for more information about visas.

Candidates who are admitted as students are need to validate their VLS-TS (Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour) within 3 months of their arrival in France on the dedicated website.