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Admission procedure

Admission to Dance Departments

Admission is by audition (two rounds).


Training course

Two-day training period of lessons in classical and contemporary dance with CNSMD teachers.

Preliminary round

The first round, which candidates must pass in order to take the entry audition as such, is held on the third day. It consists of lessons before a panel of examiners in classical and contemporary dance for all candidates, notwithstanding their choice of section

Entry audition

There are two phases:

  • variation (classical or contemporary depending on the section chosen) prepared by the conservatory teachers after the preliminary round
  • improvisation of not more than two minutes on musical excerpts chosen by the Director of Choreographic Studies

Each candidate is required to present a medical certificate indicating that he or she is fit to dance at an advanced level.


Classical dance

  • minimum 15 (the candidate must be aged 15 or over on 1st October in the year they take the audition),
  • maximum 18 (the candidate must be under 18 on 1st October in the year they take the audition).

Contemporary dance

  • minimum 16 (the candidate must be aged 16 or over on 1st October in the year they take the audition),
  • maximum 20 (the candidate must be under 20 on 1st October in the year they take the audition.

Requests for the age limit to be waived should be made to the Director of Choreographic Studies and supported by a detailed curriculum vitae.


Candidates may not apply more than three times for the same specialisation (even if the applications are not made in consecutive years). Any subsequent applications must be made within five years of the candidate’s first attempt. Candidates who have passed the preliminary round at least once are nevertheless permitted to make a fourth application.


Candidates who withdraw from audition sessions without notifying the CNSMD by registered post with recorded delivery in the two-week period preceding the audition session will not be allowed to apply the following year except in cases of force majeure. Even cancelled applications count towards the number of attempts permitted.


Undergraduate admission (Diplôme National Professionnel de Danseur)
Candidates admitted at undergraduate level (DNSPD) who are not citizens of French-speaking countries must prove their competence in French on arrival at the conservatory at the beginning of term by means of an official certificate indicating a level of at least A2 on the Common European Framework reference scale defined by the Council of Europe.
Students who are unable to submit a document of this type and have limited competence in French will be allowed time to take an intensive course in French outside the CNSMD and at their own cost during their first year of studies. If their level of French is still unsatisfactory at the end of their first year, they may not be permitted to continue their studies at the CNSMD, whatever their specialisation.


Pre-registration for both French and international candidates must be done online at the following link………
After pre-registration, each candidate is sent an application form which must be completed and returned to the LYON CNSMD.

The deadlines for the receipt of applications the dates for auditions are published annually.