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International relations office



Who can you contact?

Isabelle Replumaz, Head of Department, Erasmus+ coordinator:
Institutional contacts, student advising, cooperation projects, European courses and diplomas

Marie-Annick Champ, assistant:
Administration of exchanges

Pauline Patoux, assistant:
Organisation of exchanges
Administration of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership ICSS « International Creative Soundtrack Studies »

All procedures connected with student and teacher exchange are handled by the international department.


The conservatory itself is a centre of international exchange.

  • 106 international students are enrolled in the regular programme (18% of the 589 students),
    originating mainly from Japan (17), Taiwan (12), China (12) and Korea (7) in Asia,
    Italy (12) and Spain (3) in Europe,
    Colombia (4), Chile (3) and Mexico (3) for the Americas,
  • 55 of the 184 teaching staff (teachers, assistants and accompanists) are from abroad,
  • 20 international guests come to teach the students in the framework of master-classes, seminars and teacher exchanges.

The Lyon CNSMD is an active member of the Association of European Conservatories (AEC).

Erasmus+ exchanges

Despite its limited capacity, the Lyon CNSMD is seen as an attractive destination for European exchanges.
It has a network of 74 Erasmus+ partners, 30% of which are situated in Germany.

In 2014-2015, 14 Lyon CNSMD students took part in Erasmus+ exchanges and the Lyon CNSMD welcomed 18 students from 10 countries ; 11 teachers from the Lyon CNSMD visited 10 partner institutions (7 countries), giving rise to reciprocal visits to Lyon by 11 colleagues.

Changing lives. Opening minds.

Changing lives. Opening minds.

Other exchanges

In addition to the Erasmus network, three institutions have signed bilateral partnership agreements with the Lyon CNSMD:

Courses / joint degrees

CoPeCo (Masters in Contemporary Performance and Composition)
This joint master’s programme offered by institutions in Tallinn, Stockholm, Hamburg and Lyon is available to instrumental students and composers. The programme is mainly based on research in the area of contemporary creation. An international group of students started the programme in September 2014 in Tallinn. They have just arrived in Lyon for their 3rd semester. This itinerary academic programme will end in Hamburg.
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ICSS « International Creative Soundtrack Studies »
The Lyon CNSMD initiated this strategic partnership wishing to develop an international joint programme in music composition for visual media. The project was submitted to the European Commission in April 2014 and received the grant amount of 447,110 euros from the Erasmus+ strategic partnership programme for a three years period (from September, 1st 2014 to August, 31st 2017). The partners will work until new term 2017 on the development of this new academic programme based on a survey on this specific field. Throughout the three coming years, pedagogic activities will be carried out and communication tools will be set up.
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Other cooperative programmes

CNSMD Lyon & Conservatorio di Musica « G.B. Martini » (Bologna, Italy)
This partnership established between the two conservatoires aims at developing projects in the field of contemporary music.

CNSMD Lyon & Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunste (Graz, Austria) & Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Leipzig, Germany)
These three institutions launched this programme in order to develop early music projects.

CNSMD Lyon & Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart (Germany)
This cooperation between the percussions departments of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart and the CNSMD in Lyon was initiated by Klaus Dreher and Jean Geoffroy in order to promote the contemporary repertoire.

Partnership with the city of Bogota and the French Embassy in Colombia for the Coloumbian National Young Musicians’ Competition

Organisation and hosting of international events

  • International Colloquium of Musical Culture (biennial)
  • Hosting of annual thematic meetings of the AEC (Association of European Conservatories)
  • Hosting of international music events (Lyon International Chamber Music Competition, European Harp Symposium 2004, etc.)
  • Hosting of entry auditions for international orchestra academies