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InMICS (International Master in composition for screen)

InMICS is a strategic partnership supported by the European Union.

Wishing to further develop its programme in music composition for visual media at an international level involving professional structures, the Lyon CNSMD has been funded by the European Commission in the frame of the new Erasmus+ programme, which supports international cooperation.

The Lyon CNSMD initiated this strategic partnership resulting in the association of four Higher Music Education institutions and four professional partners spread out on two continents (Europe and North America). This Project, named “International Creative Soundtrack Studies”, was submitted to the European Commission in April 2014 and received the grant amount of 447,110 euros from the Erasmus+ strategic partnership programme for a three year period (from September, 1st 2014 to August, 31st 2017). The Lyon CNSMD is the only cultural French Higher Education state institution that got funded among the 8 organisations, which received a grant (55 organisations applied for funding). At the European level, the ICSS strategic partnership obtained the highest grant in the field of Higher Music Education (only 3 projects received a grant in the Higher Music Education sector).


InMICS is a strategic partnership, which aims at developing a joint master’s degree in music composition for audiovisual media entitled « InMICS » (International Master in Composition for Screen). The first group of international students will start the programme in September 2018. This partnership is composed of 4 Higher Education institutions known for their expertise in music composition for visual media and 4 professional partners specialized in the film industry and showing a great interest in music creation:

Higher Music Education institutions:

Professional partners:

Besides the development of a new academic programme, ICSS will lead a study on the relationships between musicians and audiovisual artists and also between Higher Education institutions and professional structures regarding music for audiovisual media. This should lead to a lasting reinforcement of cooperations between educational institutions and professional organisations.

As far as structures and objectives are concerned, the ICSS strategic partnership is an innovative project balancing the participation of both educational and professional structures, with the involvement of the Ghent School of Arts which trains musicians (Conservatorium) as well as audiovisual artists (KASK), and the involvement of two North-American partners (the Faculty of Music, University of Montréal and Permission Inc.) willing to bring their expertise and specific network to the fulfillment of the ICSS project’s goals.

The ICSS strategic partnership aims at creating an academic programme, which will be very specific and innovative in its field since the training will focus on a cooperative work between composers and directors. The new programme will also give students the opportunity to join an international network of excellence. The objective is to build closer links between the higher education sphere and the profession and therefore to boost the employability of graduate students.

The expertise of the partners and the quality of the developing joint programme rely on the people involved in the project: among them some emblematic and worldwide figures of the film industry such as Marco Bellochio or Dirk Brossé, but also researchers and teachers who have shown great skills in teaching and in music composition and for whom it is essential to broaden the artistic perspectives, but also people with a long and deep experience in the building of European projects and joint programmes.

The ICSS strategic partnership will carry out pedagogic as well as artistic activities in order to acknowledge the results of the reflexions on the creation and the implementation of the joint programme, with constant feedback from experts from the professional sector, in order to strengthen the links between all the partners.


Between September 2014 and August 2017, the partners are expected to deliver the following outcomes:


  • State of play of the existing academic programmes in Europe and North America specialized in music composition for audiovisual media and their links with the profession. Our aim is to look at the cooperations between film schools and institutions specialized in music creation. This study will also be a good opportunity to ask our professional partners their opinion on the knowledge and skills of the graduate students.

>> Our study is accessible online: Music Composition for visual media: Picture of a Profession and Challenges for Higher Education

Development of the joint master’s degree « InMICS »

  • Organisation and structure of courses, assessment, activities, etc.


  • Presentation of the partners, dissemination platform for the outcomes of the study and for the results of the pedagogic activities, presentation of the future academic programme.
  • This website is meant to become the website of the academic programme. It will be used as a communication as well as an pedagogic tool, and also as networking platform for students.



February – September 2014 (preparatory period): gathering of information, encounter of the various partners including one meeting with representatives of five partners organized in Ghent (Belgium), and application for the European grant.

2014/2015: report on the study on relationships between music and audiovisual sectors, meeting with professionals and first dissemination activity at the Film Fest in Ghent, creation of communication tools (website, design, newsletter, etc.).

2015/2016: publication of the study and first dissemination activity at the Film Fest in Ghent, first creative workshop in Bologna (Italy) focused on the links between film directors and composers, students mobility, second dissemination event at the Cineteca Festival in Bologna, further development of communication tools.

2016/2017: second creative workshop in Lyon (France) dedicated to the full process of creation and production of music for audiovisual works, students mobility, third dissemination activity organized in the frame of the FIFA in Aubagne (France), further development of communication tools, search funds for the European joint master’s degree « InMICS ».

New term 2017: implementation of the European joint master’s degree « InMICS » and launch of the first period of students’ recruitment.

New term 2018: first group of « InMICS » students.

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