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Dear Visitor,

Whether you play, sing, dance, do research, attend our events or help the Lyon CNSMD in one way or another, this website has been designed specially for you, so that you can find out more about the myriad possibilities that open up in front of the young artists who are the main preoccupation of this conservatory.

Our institution is a place where there is always something exciting happening and the same goes for this website. You will see it change as the months go by and the life of the conservatory goes on. The details will be updated as and when necessary.

The Lyon CNSMD offers pathways and original learning models in which the underlying humanistic philosophy of the institution stimulates the creativity and encourages the responsibility of the students. Our principal aim is to ensure that the artists of tomorrow are outward-looking when they practise their art and thus give the lie to the ideal of the self-satisfied artist sitting alone in his or her ivory tower.

We have kept the Lyon CNSMD down to a reasonable size so that action can always be matched by reaction on our part. The students here learn very quickly to respond to the demands of the professional world. Everything is geared to prepare our young artists to work at the highest level throughout the world.

This is the new identity and unique hallmark of the Lyon CNSMD that you, the visitor, will immediately recognise from the new website. We trust that you will be tempted to come and see for themselves some of the talent that the institution has to offer!

Enjoy your surfing!… Bon voyage!… May the path you take bring you every satisfaction!

Géry Moutier, Director