Administrative board

The CNSMD is a state institution which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The conservatory is administered by an administrative board whose chairman is nominated by the ministry.

The director directs the institution with the help of the deputy director, who is a senior administrator, the directors of music and of choreographic studies and the director of research. He is also assisted by the academic and research committees.


The administrative board takes the management decisions of the institution in the following areas:

  • institutional strategy and academic regulations
  • the budget and its modifications
  • the accounts and the affectation of the financial result at the end of each financial year
  • the general framework of the remuneration of the staff under contract
  • projects to purchase or rent premises; projects to sell or lease premises
  • donations and legacies
  • legal actions and transactions
  • financial commitments, modification to the level of commitment, withdrawal from commitments; the creation of affiliates
  • concessions
  • pricing strategy
  • house rules
  • annual report

The administrative board is convened by the chairman at least once every semester. The chairman is nominated for term of office of three years by a decree which is drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of a report submitted by the minister in charge of culture. The nomination can be renewed for a further term or terms.

The chairman and members of the administrative board receive no remuneration for their services.



(nominated by the decree of 21th february 2014)
Ms Catherine Tsekenis

Full members

(article 7 of the decree n° 2009-201 of 18th February 2009)
Mr Jean-François Collin
, general secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, or his or her representative ;
Mr Michel Orier
, general director, full member ;
Ms Irène Basilis
, head of dance, National Office of Artistic Creation, full member ;
Mr Eric Denut, head of music, National Office of Artistic Creation, full member ;
Ms Catherine Buard, delegate, National Office of Artistic Creation, Alternate member seconding Ms Anne Poursin.

Appointed members

Ms Viviane Serry, Director, Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (Regional conservatory), Nantes ;
Mr Serge Dorny, General Director, Opéra national de Lyon (Lyon National Opera) ;
Mr Jean-Marc Bador, General Director, Auditorium/Orchestre national de Lyon (Lyon National Orchestra)
Me Dominique Hervieu, Director, Biennale de danse et de la Maison de la Danse, Lyon ;

Non-voting members

Mr Géry Moutier, Director, Lyon CNSMD ;
Mr Thierry Pelle, Head of the Department of Budget Control and Ministry Accountant ;
Ms Michèle Douchet, Chief Accountant, Lyon CNSMD.

Elected delegates (October 2012)

College of Music Teachers

Primary members : Mr Jérôme Guichard, Mr Emmanuel Ducreux
Alternate member: Ms Christine Lafont-Chauray

College of Dance Teachers

Primary member: Ms Dominique Genevois
Alternate member: Ms Corine Duval-Métral

College of Administrative and Technical Staff

Primary member: Mr Richard Baconnier, Mr Luc Nermel
Alternate members : Mr Marcel Tuscher, Ms Emmanuelle Béjoint

College of Music Students (elected in November 2013)

Primary member : Mr Marwan Dafir
Alternate member: Mr Benjamin Christ