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Professional development

During studies

During their studies at the CNSMD of Lyon, students enjoy an additional educational source delivered by professionals from the cultural world, in order to inform them about the main steps of their future career.

All students must follow a compulsory informative unit dedicated to the practical facets of an artist’s life.


The APM (Practical Facets of the Profession) unit of the CNSMD of Lyon takes place as a series of conferences that are open to all students of the first and second cycles.

The program is spread on both semesters and is developped with professionals from the cultural world, cultural elected representatives, societies for the administration of performers’ rights, etc.

The APM’s purpose is to put students in contact with the different players of the professional world they will have to work with at the end of their studies, in order to help the exchanges and to encourage them to build their network as soon as possible.


You can see some examples of topics addressed in the APM here (in French).

Further information

The APM page in French